Welcome to Egan Crest, LLC

Your employees are your most valuable resource, and we know just how to take care of them. We’ve designed Egan Crest, a community of top-quality housing in North Dakota's booming Bakken Oil Range, to exceed your expectations, provide maximum comfort and make your employees feel at home.

Our market research has shown that many of those working in the Bakken region were unhappy with the prevailing dormitory style housing, in which each person has a small (8' x 10') sleeping area and must go to common areas to shower, use the restroom, watch TV or dine.

Our competitively priced, conveniently located Bakken residences give your employees the privacy and comfort they need to stay productive. Each Egan Crest unit comes fully furnished and fully loaded, with some of the best amenities available--including full kitchens, two private bedrooms with full-size beds, flat-screen TVs with satellite service, wireless internet, convenient unit side parking, and more.

Satisfied, well-rested employees work better, safer and smarter. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to secure premium housing for your staff in a region that currently has NO available employee housing. Contact us at 701-509-1118 today to learn more.

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